What does the NHBRC Warranty Cover?

  • Minor defects identified by the housing consumer within the first three-months of occupation.
  • Roof leaks identified by the housing consumer within one-year from date of occupation.
  • Major structural defects identified by the housing consumer within five-years from date of occupation.

How are the builders checked and regulated by the NHBRC?

The NHBRC inspects all enrolled homes at key stages of construction. The objective of inspections is to protect housing consumers against poor workmanship during construction. In the situation where the inspector identifies a deviation from the NHBRC Home Building Manual, a non-compliance will be issued to the home builder. The home builder will be given reasonable time frames within which to rectify the non-compliance. If the builder is unable or unwilling to rectify, the NHBRC will stop construction and institute its builder disciplinary process.

Which documentation is required for home enrolment with the NHBRC?

  • EF003- Soil classification on Appendix B3
  • Appendix B1
  • PA003 OR proof of payment
  • Title deed OR agreement of sale (for land)
  • Contract between builder and owner of the house
  • Council Approved Plans (Floor & Site)

How long before construction commencement do I need to enrol?

Minimum of 15 days.

Is the NHBRC governed by law?

Yes, The NHBRC is governed by the Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act, 1998 (Act No.95 of 1998).

How many inspections do my engineer need to conduct during the course of construction?

Usually about 3, but this all depends on the design of the house and the competency of the builder. We’ll be able to identify the number of site inspections after the building plan has been inspected.